Alice Wairimu Nderitu visiting Milan Garden of the Righteous

a day with the UN Special Adviser for Genocide Prevention

Milan, February 6, 2024 - This morning the Garden of the Righteous at Monte Stella hosted Alice Wairimu Nderitu, Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide of the United Nations, with a view to the ceremony for the European Day of the Righteous on March 6. To welcome her, there were Gariwo Foundation President's Gabriele Nissim and Municipal Council President Elena Buscemi.

"In a moment of serious international crisis like the one the world is currently experiencing", said Buscemi, "drawing attention to the figures, the stories of the Righteous and those who are committed to ensuring that diplomacy prevails over war is very important. With this spirit we welcome Alice Wairimu Nderitu to Milan Garden of the Righteous".

"After so many years of sharing ideas with Gariwo Foundation I can finally see this very important place in person," commented Nderitu. "Telling the stories of the Righteous and honouring them in the Gardens is one of the most powerful ways by which we can preserve the memory of past genocides and educate the world about the importance of prevention. I hope that these stories and the idea behind the Garden can travel around the world".

For President Nissim, "Gariwo, through the Gardens of the Righteous, wants to commit itself to spread the tools of the working group chaired by Special Adviser Nderitu and to work together to prevent new genocides and counter hatred speech. Our hope is that a symbolic Garden of the Righteous will soon be established in the United Nations headquarters, just like the one in Milan".

Kenyan, Alice Wairimu Nderitu was appointed in 2020 as Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide by UN Secretary General António Guterres. For decades, she has been one of the leading figures in African diplomacy and inter-ethnic conflict resolution processes. At the end of the meeting, the Special Adviser visited the Shoah Memorial together with its President Roberto Jarach.

6 February 2024

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Alice Wairimu Nderitu visiting the Milan Garden of the Righteous

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