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Father Francesco Cavazzuti 1934

The missionary priest who protected the farmers in Brasil, putting at risk his own life.

Father Francesco Cavazzuti

Father Francesco Cavazzuti

Father Francesco Cavazzuti was born in 1934 in Carpi from a farming family. In 1958, he has been ordained priest and ten years after he moved to Brasil to help the rural population in the Goias diocese

He was quite unpopular among the big landowners, as he was defending the life and work conditions of the farmers, who were heavily exploited. In 1987, he was the target of an assassination attempt: he survived, but he lose his sight. Still, he tirelessly continued his charity work for other twenty years. 

Returned to Carpi in 2007, he became vice-director of the Diocesan Missionary Centre, where he created an Archive on his behalf to support a Centre for Human Rights

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The Righteous, neither saints nor heroes

in praise of the daily-life virtues

The deeds, sometimes the entire life, of the Righteous, are there to prove that every human being can take up a personal responsibility to defend the weakest people and oppose the anti-democratic and repressive drifts of society.

Not only the Righteous among the nations awarded in Yad Vashem, but all the world's Righteous should be remembered, honored and praised for their key contribution to the fate of the human kind.

Learning about their biographies helps the construction of educational memory, able to speak to the younger people's hearts and minds.