​Ghayath Mattar (1987 - 2011)

Syrian activist killed because of his struggle for democracy

​Ghayath Mattar

​Ghayath Mattar

Ghayath Mattar, 26 years old, was an activist with a prominent role in Daraya, in the outskirts of Damascus. He was threatened of death by the security forces after the burst of the Syrian spring already.

Well-known because of his pacific and non-violent activism, he was a teacher and a leader. He distributed flowers and water to the soldiers came to repress protesters, exhorting them to build together a democratic state based upon justice, dignity and freedom.

On the 6th of September 2011 he was informed that one of his friends was injured and needed help. Intelligence forces linked to Syrian air force (Air Force Syrian Security Intelligence) trapped him in an ambush and Ghayath was arrested together with other four Daraya activists: Yahya Shurbaji, his brother Ma'an Shurbaji, Mohamed Tayseer Khoulani and Zyadeh Mazen, involved in the protests for reforms.

Ghayath was killed while he was in custody. Four days after the arrest, his corpse was returned to the family, with evident signs of torture on the body.

Some 300 hundred people participated to his funeral, despite security forces attempts to impede the family to organize a public ceremony. Massive quantities of security forces were present in Ghayath’s home and in the cemetery where he was buried; they opened the fire against four people and killed one of them.

Ghayath was married and he has left his wife pregnant.

Gardens that honour ​Ghayath Mattar

​Ghayath Mattar is honoured in the Garden of Milan - Monte Stella.

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