The world needs the efforts of the brave for freedom and peace

the speech given by Taghi Rahmani at Milan Garden for March 6 ceremony

The world needs the efforts of the brave for freedom and peace. Today, this need is felt more seriously worldwide; the fight for peace and freedom must be waged. This need is felt more in the Middle East region. Women in Iran are fighting for freedom and gender equality. Peace without legal equality and equal opportunities for men and women is unimaginable.

Narges, like many women and men in Iran, strives for this equality. Your support for peace and freedom fighters can help strengthen the idea that peace and freedom should be for all people worldwide. We are all on the same boat; if peace and freedom are threatened anywhere in the world, we must all confront that threat.

Let me remind you of the bitter reality of the ongoing war in Gaza, where many children and women are killed. We demand global peace and freedom, seeking a fair solution to end the war and bloodshed caused by the establishment of two countries in one land.
However, the primary focus of us Iranians is on Iran and the struggle for freedom and citizenship equality. Therefore, we demand to transcend this system.

In conclusion, let us support each other for legal freedom and equality wherever we are.

Taghi Rahmani

Analysis by Taghi Rahmani, journalist and human rights activist

8 March 2024

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