World Press Freedom Day 2023

the pictures of the initiative held at Milan Garden of the Righteous Worldwide

Against the mystification of reality, in the Garden of the Righteous, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian journalists and activists talked about a year of military invasion. Without the filter of censorship and beyond the language of propaganda. People and places of the war, through the testimony of the journalist Ilia Krasilshchik and the exhibition of the photographer and artist Danila Tkachenko have been at the core of the initiative. 
For both, the Russian state has issued an international arrest warrant.

The initiative was opened with an institutional greeting by Elena Buscemi, President of the Municipal Council of Milan.

Later, there were the interventions of Martina Landi, Project Manager of Gariwo Foundation, Gabriele Nissim, President of Gariwo Foundation, Giulia de Florio, Memorial Italy, Eva Pleus, Foreign Press Association of Milan and Ilya Krasilshchik, founder of, an editorial startup which has the aim of assisting Ukrainian citizens during the war and of dissuading the Russian ones to enlist into the army. Because of his brave work of spreading and activism, Putin’s government recently decided to issue an international arrest warrant towards him.

All of those interventions - alongside the testimonies of Tetyana Bezruchenko (, Nadzeya Staravoitava (Belarusians in Italy Association, Supolka), Maria Mikaelyan (Free Russians Community) - put emphasis on the brutality of the Russian aggression of Ukraine started on February 2022, by underlining particularly the role of the numerous Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusians journalists who are imprisoned, tortured and persecuted every day by the authoritarian regimes of Moscow and Minsk just because they are telling and denouncing the truth.

Subsequently, the emotional photographic exhibition realized by the young Russian artist Danila Tkachenko and named “Inversion”, was displayed at the Garden. The exhibition, composed of 13 photographs printed and displayed at the Garden just for the occasion, focused on the report of the horrors of the Ukrainian war, made by the artist by collecting some of the most evocative photographic testimonies regarding the conflict.

After the exhibition, a public round table with the guests, along with the journalists Anna Zafesova and Andrea Braschayko, was organized at the Garden.

3 May 2023

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