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Mehrangiz Kar 1944

lawyer, writer, lecturer at Harvard University

Mehrangiz Kar

Mehrangiz Kar

Mehrangiz Kar has been persecuted by the Iranian regime for her efforts to defend human rights, especially those of women.
Born in 1944 at Ahvaz, in southern Iran, she attended the College of Law and Political Science at Teheran University. After graduating, she worked for Sazman-e Ta’min-e Ejtemaii (Institute of Social Security) and published over 100 articles on social and political issues.
Arrested on 29 April 2000 for taking part in an academic conference in Berlin on political and social reform in Iran, along with leading Iranian writers and intellectuals, she was tried behind closed doors without any guarantee of defence and sentenced to four years detention on grotesque and arbitrary charges such as “actions contrary to national security” and “violating the Islamic dress code”.
Released on bail before the trial, she travelled to the United States for treatment for breast cancer. After her departure, her husband Siamak Pourzand, also an active critic of the regime, disappeared and Mehrangiz received strong pressure from Teheran to keep her mouth shut. Her attempts to have news of her husband via government institutions and human rights organizations failed, as did the appeals she and her daughters Leila and Azadeh made on international radio and television networks. However, several weeks after his disappearance, government security forces announced that Mr. Pourzand was in the Islamic Republic’s jails charged with spying and threatening national security. On 3 May 2002 the Tehran Press Court sentenced him to 8 years imprisonment.
In the meantime, on 8 January 2002, the definitive sentence against Mehrangiz Kar was reduced to six months detention.
Kar has published numerous works on women’s issues.

Brief bibliography
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