Viktor Ivancic (1960)

from the pages of Feral Tribune he denounced the crimes and violence committed by the various parties in the conflict during ethnic cleansing

Viktor Ivančić was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, on 8th October 1960.

He is one of the founders of Split weekly magazine Feral Tribune (along with journalist Boris Dežulović and caricaturist Alem Ćurin) and one of the most prominent Croatian intellectuals.

In the 1980s he was known to the general public as a member of the VIVA LUDEŽ group, a trio of young humourists who wrote in Split newspapers and magazines, including Omladinska Iskra, Slobodna Dalmacija, and Nedjeljna Dalmacija.

In the early 1990s, from the pages of Feral Tribune he denounced the crimes and violence committed by the various parties in the conflict through articles and editorials in which, unconcerned about the risks he was taking and the harsh consequences he might suffer, he always chose to provide objective, unbiased and independent information. In November 1991, Feral published the news of the disappearance of 15 Serbian civilians in Gospić, in January 1992 it mentioned Serbian and Croatian intentions to divide up Bosnia and Herzegovina and in August 1995, during Operation Storm, it told the world about the crimes committed against Serbian civilians and showed the Split inhabitants going by train to loot Serbian houses in Knin.

This inevitably led Ivančić into conflict with the government of Franjo Tuđman and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).
During the war in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo, as editor-in-chief of Feral Tribune, Viktor Ivančić constantly advocated anti-war speeches and promoted peace, tolerance, and cooperation of states and peoples of former Yugoslavia as the only viable option.

Over the years, his battle also led him to write against organized crime. For decades, through his commitment and his work, he has shown that it is always possible for a journalist to be an honest professional, even in the hardest circumstances - including when bombs were thrown at his newspaper and when his reporters were intimidated and denounced. Viktor himself received several death threats.

The author of several books, he continues to work in Split, no longer with Feral Tribune (that was closed in 2008), but as a columnist for the national weekly magazine Novosti.

In 2012, Viktor Ivančić received the Duško Kondor Award for Civil Courage.

His biography is taken from the archive of the Duško Kondor Award for Civil Courage. We would like to thank Svetlana Broz for providing the material to the editorial staff.

Translated from Italian by Valentina Gianoli

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