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Civil society moral rebellion and institutional role

We can define Mafia as a state-alternative power in the - deliquent - control of the territory. Mafia fills the unoccupied place left by the state, and competes with it, even with massacres, when institutions try to seize it. An innovative approach in the analysis of the Mafia phenomenon, useful in determining the conditions to contrast it, starts form the comparison between cosche (Mafia groups and families) and totalitarian state dominations: forms and results of society control seems in both cases absolute, in particular in diffusing the terror, creating new criminal élites, hitting dissenters, isolating people, breaking blood bonds, perpetrating resignation and submission, revisioning.

As weel as a strong act is needed to stop a genocide or to spoil a totalitarian regime force, a synergy between democratic state and citizens is needed in order to neutralize the Mafia power, with the creation of an alternative attraction pole, that only individuals’ initiative can create.

What is needed is the example of a contagious difference, the civil courage of the Righteous able to move the consciences, as it has happened in the 80s and 90s with the judges Falcone and Borsellino, preceded and followed by other magistrates, investigators, politics, priests, teachers, intellectuals, common people, who broke the isolation by transforming a single shelter in a collective force.

The Righteous are the thorn in the flesh of Mafia power: telling their stories, developing the educational memory about them, honouring them with all of the usual and unusual practicable forms, it is a powerful mean to fight the cosche, because it shows to new generations a way out - the possibility to break oppression and live in a condition of social and personal freedom.

This is why it is so important to propose the innovative idea of the Garden of the Righteous against Mafia: gardens for the young, but also to shake the adults’ coscience.

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