The unheeded witnesses

at the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide

Students at the Garden

Students at the Garden

In the Milan Garden of the Righteous since past 7 April there have been five new trees for five unheeded witnesses who have tried to oppose totalitarianism in the Twentieth century and genocides: Romeo Dallaire, Jan Karski, Sophie Scholl, Aleksandr Solženicyn, Armin T. Wegner.


11 a.m.
Garden of the Righteous Worldwide
(Giardino dei Giusti di tutto il mondo) - Milan
piazza Santa Maria Nascente
(MM QT8)

The Associazione per il Giardino dei Giusti di Milano, formed by Milan City Hall, Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee and Union of the Italian Jewish Communities announced the names of the exemplary figures who will be honoured next Spring at Monte Stella.


for five unheeded witnesses who denounced genocides and tried to shake societal and invididual indifference. Very bravely, these human beings chose to speak the truth and stand up to totalitarianism.

11.00 a.m.
Giardino dei Giusti di tutto il mondo
piazza Santa Maria Nascente
(MM QT8)

Speeches by Milan Mayor Letizia Moratti, President of the Communal Council and of the Guarantors Committee Manfredi Palmeri, Chairman of the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide CommitteeGabriele Nissim, the President of Milan's Jewish Community and UCEI delegate Roberto Jarach.

In the presence of the Honorary Consul of Armenia to Italy Pietro Kuciukian and the relatives of the Righteous we will plant trees and place memorial stones to remember::

Romeo Dallaire
Canadian commander of the UN force in Rwanda who reported many times the United Nations about the impending genocide
Milan Garden of the Righteous statement, by Romeo Dallaire, 7 April 2011

Jan Karski
envoy of the Polish antiNazi Resistance who denounced the Holocaust in vain to the world's Great Men

Sophie Scholl
Philosophy student in Munich who tried together with the university group The White Rose to wake the conscience of the German youths and paid for this attempt with her life

Aleksandr Solženicyn
Literature Nobel laureate who managed with his books to make the entire world aware about the reality of the Stalinist Gulags

Armin T. Wegner
intellectual volunteering in the Military Healthcare Service in the Mideast, who documented and reported to the world about the Armenian Genocide and demanded Hitler to stop the persecution of Jews

The Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee and the Teatro Franco Parenti are pleased to invite you at the meeting


5.30 p.m.
Teatro Franco Parenti
via Pier Lombardo, 14
(MM Porta Romana)


Greetings by Andrée Ruth Shammah, Teatro Franco Parenti. Introduction: Gabriele Nissim, Comitato Foresta dei Giusti.

Speeches by:
Ignat Solženicyn, Aleksandr's son,
Franz Müller, only survivor of the White Rose,
Misha Wegner, Armin's son,
Ewa Wierzynska, leader of the programme Jan Karski - Unfinished Mission of the Warsaw Museum of Polish History,
Françoise Kankindi, Chairwoman of Bene-Rwanda onlus.

The speakers will be in dialogue with:
Paolo Ghezzi, Pietro Kuciukian, Roberto Jarach, Luciano Scalettari.

Further insights on the Milan Garden of the Righteous
The Garden on WeFor (video and presentation)

25 February 2011

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