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The Righteous of Hospitality at Monte Stella

for the first Day of the Righteous of the Humanity

The playbill of the initiatives for the Day of the Righteous 2018

The playbill of the initiatives for the Day of the Righteous 2018

March 14, 2018, 10.30 am
Garden of the Righteous Worldwide, Monte Stella - Milan
Four new Righteous honoured

Public ceremony

The theme chosen for the ceremony of the first Day of the Righteous of the Humanity is "The Righteous of Hospitality. Beyond borders to pull down the walls".

Faced with the increasingly serious international situation, the crisis of Europe and the spreading of fundamentalism, with its trail of blood and terror, it seems extremely important to continue in supporting the Righteous of our time while we reaffirm the teaching that reaches us from the past.

"This year in particular, it has been essential to choose a theme that could give young people a point of reference for understanding the present and their daily actions. The examples of the Chinese consul before the Shoah and the Yazidi leader during the Armenian genocide show the importance of sheltering the refugees, avoiding worse consequences and future persecutions. Just as today, the example of the rescuers of Lampedusa and Lesbos is a lighthouse on the impervious but necessary road of welcoming, the only guarantee of salvation for thousands of human beings." Thus the director of Gariwo Ulianova Radice commented in June the choice of the new figures.

For this reason, on the occasion of the Day of the Righteous, at the Garden of Milan we will honour Ho Feng Shan, the Chinese consul in Vienna who after the annexation of Austria to Germany in 1938, provided Jews with the expatriation visas, allowing them to be saved, on the contrary all the other diplomatic corps rejected them; Hammo Shero, yazida, head of the territory of Sindjār, who welcomed and protected thousands of Armenian fugitives who sought refuge to escape the genocide in 1915; Costantino Baratta, a bricklayer and fisherman from Lampedusa, who welcomed and helped the refugees on the island and saved a dozen of them during the massacre on 3 October 2013; Daphne Vloumidi, Lesbian innkeeper arrested for driving the refugees disembarked in 2015 by car to the Athens ferry.

The ceremony will be attended by Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, and Ulianova Radice, Director of Gariwo and Vice-president of the Association for the Garden of the Righteous in Milan. The event will see the participation of Ho Manli for Ho Feng Shan, the Yazda Association for Hammo Shero and the Righteous Costantino Baratta and Daphne Vloumidi.

The initiative launches a two-day appointment, which we list below.

March 14, 2018, 3.00 pm, Palazzo Marino, Sala dell'orologio - Mila
Delivery of the scrolls to the Righteous honoured at the Virtual Garden
Free admission

March 15, 8.30 pm, Palazzo Marino, Sala Alessi - Milan 
Concert by pianist Ani Martirosyan and violinist Nobuko Murakoshi, with readings by actress Sonia Bergamasco in the presence of Life Senator Liliana Segre. 
By invitation only
For info and reservations: 0236707648

12 February 2018

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The European Day of Righteous

The value of individuals and personal responsibility

On May 10, the European Parliament in Strasbourg adopted the Written Declaration establishing March 6th as European Day in memory of the Righteous.
The concept of Righteous, born from the elaboration of the Yad Vashem Memorial to remember the non-Jews who rescued the Jews, becomes the patrimony of all humanity.
The term "Righteous" is no longer confined to the Holocaust only; it becomes a point of reference for those who remember the genocide and totalitarianism in all their efforts to defend human dignity.

The significance of this decision is reminiscent of one of the cornerstones of European culture: the value of the individual and personal responsibility.


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Second annual EU Day of the Righteous

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