Moshe Bejski and his wife Erika

memories of the promoter of the Garden of the Righteous of Yad Vashem

"Moshe Bejski leaves us a precious heritage. His quest for the Righteous taught us that it is possible to act against the Evil with a simple act of Good also without becoming martyres, so far as one has the moral push to do so; that there are no barriers neither ethnical, nor religious, nor ideological nor religious, when one puts the human being at the centre of one's world of values. Finally, it proved that the best way to safeguard the example of the Righteous is that of feeling personally responsible towards them, like they felt responsible towards other human beings. Reaping Moshe Bejski's heritage means working through his path, honoring the Righteous all over the world and every time genocides or other crimes against the humankind are perpetrated".

Thus we wrote years ago to remember the creator of the Garden of the Righteous in Jerusalem. 
Today Ayala Shahaf, grandnephew of Moshe and Erika - aunt of her father, Igal Tal - wants to share with us some public and private photos of the couple, making us think once again about the great example they gave us.  

25 September 2018

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