Remembering the Rwandan Righteous Silas Habiyambere

the pictures of the ceremony held in Belgium on June 24th 2023

On June 24th 2023, at 3 pm, a Holy Mass in honor of the Righteous Silas Habiyambere was celebrated at the Saint Joseph of Namur parish, Belgium. He was born on September 10th 1953 and died on May 14th 2023.

Silas Habiyambere, who passed away few weeks ago, saved - alongside his wife, Maria - the lives of at least 31 Rwandan during the genocide of 1994. Among them figured Jean Paul Habimana, a Rwandan writer and high school religion teacher. The acts of Silas have been remembered with commotion and gratitude by the participants, who decided to project, in addition, a video tribute of him during the event. 

During the ceremony there have been the intervention of Father Alexis Nshimiyimana, Silas's former priest, Jean Bosco, nephew of the Rwandan Righteous, Theresia Mukarutabana, Silas's sister, and Jean Paul Habimana, who remembered the participants - as a survivor of the Rwandan genocide himself - what Silas Habiyambere represented for the ones who were saved by him during the massacre. 

The Alleluia chorus of Louvain - "La Nueve" - alongside the one of  Saint Paul of Namur, then animated the Mass with beautiful chants, including "Urukundo" (the love) by Rugamba Cyprien, a song Silas used to like a lot. 

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