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Moshe Bejski dies

Tel Aviv, 86 years old

Moshe Bejski in the 2002 in front of Yad Vashem Garden, in Jerusalem

Moshe Bejski in the 2002 in front of Yad Vashem Garden, in Jerusalem

The President of the Yad Vashem Commission of the Righteous died in hospital in Tel Aviv on 6 May 2007. He is buried in the Kiryat Shaul Cemetery in Tel Aviv

Moshe Bejski was born in the little Polish village of Dzialoszyce, close to Cracovia, the 29th of December 1920. Oppressed by the Nazis, after the occupation of Poland, in 1939 survived Auschwitz thanks to the famous list of Oskar Shindler, who invest himself to protect the Jewish working in his factory up to the end of the war. After the Red Army’s arrival in Poland, Bejski and his two brothers survivors, emigrated to Israel, where he became a judge of the Constitutional Court. In 1962, after the clamour of the Eichmann trial, at which he gave testimony, Moshe Bejski became a member of the newly formed Commission of the Righteous, and in 1970 became its president. In 1995 Moshe Bejski left the presidency of the Commission to dedicate his efforts to educating young people.

7 March 2007

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In Yad Vashem

the first "Garden of the Righteous"

The Garden of the Righteous in Jerusalem was set up in 1962 at Yad Vashem's Mausoleum, the Holocaust remembrance place, in compliance with point 9 of its establishing law, approved by the Israeli Parliament in 1953, providing the following:

"Hereby the law establishes the Yad Vashem Foundation in Jerusalem, in order to commemorate (…) the Righteous among the nations, who have risked their lives to help the Jews."

To commemorate the Righteous among the nations they choose to plant carob trees. Hence the creation of the Avenue of the Righteous, that would later become a garden with the same name.
In 1963 the Israeli authorities set up the Righteous Commission to choose the people to bestow the honours on and dedicate the trees to. In its activities the Commission honoured nearly 20,000 Righteous.

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