The Srebrenica massacre

human remnants found in common graves

Update 30 August

The remains of 120 people, victims of the Srebrenica slaughter, were exhumed from 8 mass graves in Zalazje, not far from the scene of the murder.

11 July
The Srebrenica slaughterhouse
15 years after ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia

On 11 July 1995, in the area protected by the blue helmets, Bosnian Serb forces carried out the massacre of more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys. In the fifteenth anniversary of the bloodshed a historic verdict of the Hague Court condemns the executioners.
Still at large is general Ratko Mladic, among the guilty for the slaughter. In the meanwhile the world witnessed the start of the excavations in the Zalazje site, which may be one of the biggest mass graves of Srebrenica victims, probably first buried elsewhere and then exhumed and brought to some other place to conceal the massacre.


May 1992 - thousands people take refuge in Srebrenica to escape the assault of the Serbian forces.

9 July 1995 - upon order of Karadzic the town is attacked by the Serbian Bosnians led by general Ratko Mladic.

11 July 1995 - the army blocks 600 blue helmets and seizes the area that the UN, in compliance with resolution 819, vowed to protect.

13-15 July 1995 - Mladic militias separate men from women, children and elderlies. According to the official reports 8372 men and boys are murdered.

November 1995 - the corpses are hidden in mass graves. Uptil now it has been possible to identify 6414 corpses.


Interview to Svetlana Broz, in

Postcards from the grave, by Emir Suljagic. Saqi Books, 2005

What stands in the way of Bosnian reconciliation, from the Guardian

Srebrenica: 11 July - Commemoration. 40,000 people rallied to remember the genocide.

Berlin: 11 July - The pillar of shame. A statue exposed at the Brandenburg Gate in memory of the fifteenth anniversari of Srebrenica.

Syracuse, New York State: 11 July - Mayor address. Commemoration and mayoral speech in the presence of Bosnian refugees.

Bozen: 12 July - Esma’s secret. From 9.00 a.m. uninterrupted screening of Jasmila Zbanic’s movie. Association for the Threatened Peoples (Associazione Popoli Minacciati), Viale Marconi 5.

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