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The ordeal of a Hong Kong dissident

denied by friends and colleagues after reporting abuse by the Chinese police

Faces of Chinese politicians on the covers of the Hong-Kong best-sellers

Faces of Chinese politicians on the covers of the Hong-Kong best-sellers

In Hong Kong, Lam Wing-Kee is widely considered as a hero. He is a book seller, of those who sell a very popular genre in the Autonomous Region: books exposing, sometimes fictitiously, other times a bit less, the scandals and behind-the-scene actions of Chinese politics

Such publications are not only legal, but also best-selling books in Hong Kong. And yet somebody in the Chinese capital feel threatened. Five colleagues of Lam's have already been abducted and taken to jail on the "Motherland". 

When Lam's turn came, he chose to witness the torture endured and the forced confession that police had extorted from him. "I stayed up two nights to decide whether I'd tell my ordeal, and in the end I decided to do so because I am less exposed than my other colleagues and I can help the others."

Unfortunately his circle does not agree. Friends, colleagues and girlfriends have hurried up to deny his statements, as it often happens in Communist regimes. His girlfriend, who only introduced herself by her family name Hu, even told a filo-Beijing newspaper: "That cursed man is no man", denying also the fact that he had been denied legal aid.

Although dozen thousands people took to the street in Hong Kong to protest against his ill treatment, Lam now feels very lonely and said he has often thought of committing suicide.

3 October 2016

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