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Nygerian Senator "violated child rights"

for marrying a 13-year old girl

Senator Ahmed Kerima from Nigeria

Senator Ahmed Kerima from Nigeria

The Senate in Lagos approved a law that equates children to women as far as marriage is concerned. Sen. Yerima is said to have gone way too far and taken personally advantage of the new law to marry a 13-year old girl from Egypt. He denies that is the girl's age. 
Human rights groups demand that he is prosecuted for violating the Child Rights Act, the law providing legal protections to minors. The group "Women empowerment and legal aid" in particular said the attorney general Mr. Mohammed Adoke must try the politician by 30 days. 

26 July 2013

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Crimes of genocide and against the humankind

the denial of the individual's value

The first legal definition in the domain of mass persecution dates back to 1915 and concerns the massacres of the Armenian populations perpetrated by the Turks, which were followed by the trials of the perpetrators before the Martial Court. In the Treaty of Sèvres in 1920 the Great Powers use the terms "crimes against civilization" and "crimes of lèse-humanity". In the aftermath of Second World War, face the Holocaust tragedy, the Military Tribunal of the Nurnberger Trials against Nazi officials started the proceeding by stating the crimes on which it was competent... On 9 December 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously approved the Convention for the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, which is considered as the most heinous crime against Humanity. 

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