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Tien An Men's Mother Courage arrested

the denounciation of Liu Xiaobo's wife

Arrest of Ding Zilin, the Mother Courage of 1989. This was reported by Liu Xiaobo's wife, Liu Xia, who from her confinement under house arrest invited the international community to keep focused on the woman's fate.

The woman lost her 17-year old son in the army repression and since then she has steadily fought for truth and justice. Soon after the Prize awarding, she had declared to an Italian newspaper: "The condemnation of Liu Xiaobo marked the beginning of the moral collapse of the Communist regime, but after the Prize we know the process is irreversible".

Interviewed by der Spiegel little before being arrested, Liu Xia told about her life as the wife of an activist and said: "I will go to Oslo and receive the Prize".

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10 October 2010

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the Soviet labour camps

GULag is the acronym, introduced in 1930, of Gosudarstvennyj Upravlenje Lagerej (General Direction of the lagers).
In 1918, with the beginning of civil war, the Soviet system created a broad network of concentration camps for the political opponents of the newly created Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (the USSR). In 1919 the Soviets created the forced labour division. Forced labour was designed to socially redeem the detainees according to the very Soviet constitution. Besides the economic and punishment function, some lagers also worked in order to murder the deportees.

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