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The Armenian Genocide between history and memory

conference in Palazzo Marino

Alessi Room in Palazzo Marino, seat to the Milan City Hall

Alessi Room in Palazzo Marino, seat to the Milan City Hall

24 April - Comune di Milano (Milan City Hall), Sala Alessi - from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide will be commemorated with an important Conference, whose speakers are:

- Antonia Arslan, University of Padua, writer: ”La resistenza delle donne armene nel genocidio” (the resistance of Armenian women against genocide);
- Gabriella Uluhogian, University of Bologna: ”Pieces of testimony”
- Aldo Ferrari, University of Venice:”Genocidio e memoria: la questione del patrimonio artistico armeno in Turchia” (Genocide and memory; the issue of the Armenian art heritage in Turkey=
- Giulia Lami , Luca Maggioni, Università Statale di Milano: “Toynbee and the Armenian Issue during war and in its aftermath”
- Agop Manoukian, Centro Studi Cultura Armena: “Profughi armeni in Italia: vissuti e narrazioni” (Armenian refugees in Italy: experience and narratives)
- Gabriele Nissim, chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous, author of book: La Lettera a HitlerStoria di Armin T. Wegner, combattente solitario contro i genocidi del Novecento (The Letter to Hitler. Tale of Armin T. Wegner, Lonely Fighter against Genocide in the Twentieth Century)
- Pietro Kuciukian, Honorary consul of Armenia to Italy:”I giusti ottomani” (the Ottoman Righteous)
Moderation and direction of the live connection with Yerevan for the great ceremony of 24 April in Dzidzernagapert, the Hill of Swallows, Memorial of the Armenian Genocide, by Gaetano Giunta, Community of Messina and chairman of Horcynus orca Foundation.

21 April 2015

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Metz Yeghern

the genocide of the Armenians

In the framework of first world war (1914-1918), in the area of the Ottoman Empire, in Turkey, we witness the unfolding of the genocide of the Armenian people (1915 – 1923), the first of the Twentieth century. Through it the government of the "Young Turks", which seized power in 1908, carried out the elimination of the Armenian ethnic group, which has inhabited the Anatolic area since the Seventh century b.C..
In the memory of the Armenian people, and also according to the historian's estimates, two thirds of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire, nearly 1,500,000 people, perished. Many were the children forced to convert to Islam and the women sent to the harems. The deportation and extermination of 1915 were preceded by the pogroms of 1894-96 planned by Sultan Abdul Hamid II and by those of 1909 carried out by the government of the "Young Turks".

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