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Culture, the dialogue with the world

Visions and awarenesses

Gariwo, the gardend of the Righteous has been working on the theme of the Righteous for many years, in order to diffuse in the civil society and the institutions a major awareness of the importance of exemplary figures suggesting us the way to follow to build a future of peaceful cohabitation and development. This is in particular significant for young people, looking for benchmarks to compare with in their fundamental life choices at the beginning of adulthood.

The Righteous perform this task in the best way possible: their behavior tell us where to orient our vision of the world, what kind of relations to establish with the others, recall our individual responsibility and the ability to react against hatred and abuses and repulse the temptation of indifference. It is a message that invokes the defense of human dignity, the necessity to look after truth, testify against mystification and falsehood. At last, it is related to gratitude, the memory of solidarity together with persecution; it involves the victims of dehumanization, inviting us to reinforce the awareness of the possibility to stop the drift of hatred and the spiral of revenge, supporting the dialogue and reconciliation in the name of the ones who decided to stay on the side of the persecuted.

In the last years the interest for the Righteous increased considerably, together with the conviction that the example of moral resistance offered by their stories is essential for the growth of a common conscience upon major ethical questions of our time.

We are proud to contribute with our commitment to the development of this consciousness. We believe that the involvement of young people and school, academic, intellectual, artistic, communication and public and private institutions operators is indispensable in order to maintain and reinforce a cultural orientation that keeps looking in this direction.

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