A voice from Gaza: "It looks like hell, no place is safe"

Asia is in the Gaza Strip with her family, has moved 5 times to seek shelter and asks: "Please stop bombing"

The situation is indescribable on the ground. We have passed through many wars, but we did never experienced this massive distruction, random targets to full neighborhoods, with and without warning at times.”

Asia, 31 years old and mother of two children, speaks to us directly from Gaza Strip. She takes several hours to send her testimony to us because, with her whole family, she’s keeping on moving looking for a place to take shelter. Israel has said to 1 million Gaza people to evacuate the North of the Strip, but they do not know where to take refuge.

Since Saturday morning at 6 am, we woke up with the sounds of bombs everywhere. I tried to grab as many things as I could, basic necessities, for me and the children, and we left as soon as we could. No one can imagine the frustration and madness in which we were, we left so many things and who knows if we will ever be able to come back home!”

After the escalation of violence that started last Saturday with Hamas attack in Israel and which went on with military response and “total siege” declaration, the situation in Gaza Strip rapidly plummed.

Raids on neighbourhoods left in darkness, whole building reduced to rubble. Water, oil and energy were cut off to population. A situation which, the Foreign Affairs Minister Israel Katz, will not come to an end until all the hostages taken to Gaza are released.

“For three days bombings where not in the block. Then on Monday evening people started to evacuate all the surrounding areas. We stayed in the basement and I wish we had left, only God kept us alive the next day. The amount of bombs dropped in the neighborhood is unbearable, and these are bombs with the purpose to leave us completely destroyed, not bombs that would just break a door or window, they are meant to destroy and kill everything around!” She says. “We are running against time to save our lives seeking a safe or secure livable place. Most schools are fully packed and some have been targeted same as hospitals fully packed.”

On Friday 13th they left again. It is impossible to escape from the Strip and the ones who reached the border with Egypt was sent back. According to the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs so far 339,000 people have been displaced, out of a population of 2.3 million. Jordan sent the first humanitarian aids, Egypt denies the possibility of creating humanitarian corridors for fleeing Palestinians, but there is talk of an ongoing diplomatic debate to create a passage through the UN-run Rafah crossing to bring fragile individuals such as women, children, and people with disabilities to safety.

There are currently more than 1.200 dead in Israel after Hamas incursion and, according to Palestinian Ministry of Health, more than 1.500 victims in Gaza due to the bombing.

The several thousand wounded are causing hospital facilities to collapse. In a statement, Doctors Without Borders, active in Palestine, says:

"In just three days we used up three weeks' supply of medical supplies. We received in our hospital a 13-year-old boy whose body was almost completely burned after a bomb fell near his home and started a fire. It is very difficult to deal with cases like these under the conditions in which we are operating, and when children are involved it is very difficult to accept."

"The night is the worst time, it feels like hell." Asia continues. "I hope the international community will put pressure to stop these bombings, we are terrified, we need a ceasefire as soon as possible. We have already moved five times, I am afraid for my family. People are on the streets, nowhere is safe."

12 October 2023

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