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  • IPN - Institute of National Remembrance «“Year 1989” Exhibition»

    The exhibition, in Polish and English, tackles the events which led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Communist regimes in 1989. It includes a general historical preface, an events calendar and a profile for each Country: Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovaky, Bulgaria and Romania.

    Presentation and link to the exhibition
  • IPN - Institute of National Remembrance «“MartialLaw” exhibition»

    The exhibition, in Polish and English, describes the coup of 13 December 1981 in Poland, with the installation on power of General Jaruzelski, the demonstrations that followed that moment, the repressions and the opponents' underground organization that would develop in the following years. It is rich at pictures, footage, documents, analyses and cross-check quizzes.

    Presentation and link to the exhibition
  • Anatolij Razumov «"A Leningrad Martyrology" - people's memory of Great Terror victims in Northwestern Russia»

    The experience of Recovered names in Levashovo.

    Essay from the international meeting "The Righteous in the GULag", dic. 2003
  • Piotr Smolar «Le goulag oublié (the forgotten gulag)»

    Special feature on "Perm 36", the camp where thousands political prisoners suffered from pain, loneliness, hunger and humiliation under the Soviet rule.

    Article from Le Monde (in French), 25 October 2009
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