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Gariwo Garden

Through this virtual Garden, Gariwo wishes to indicate all the figures of those who commit themselves to safeguarding human rights worldwide, from the rescuers of the persecuted during genocide, the defenders of fundamental freedoms as “prisoners of conscience”, up to those who make the choice to refuse power logics or constraint, not to lose their dignity.

Many are the exemplary figures of civil courage that are still unknown. Our duty is to tell their stories to bring about and spread the moral message they indicate to us, a lesson of personal responsibility for the younger generations, and of reflection for the civil society.

in many countries, in cities and at schools, Gardens of the Righteous are being set up following our  invitation to plant “a tree for every human being who opted for Good”.
Through our virtual Garden, we wish to harness the force of the web to unite in an ideal embrace the Righteous from all over the world and all eras, those who have not, yet found a space in the already realised Gardens, whose stories we collect from the tales and testimony people send Gariwo or through our research.


Multimedia productions set up to present characters, stories, places, events which marked the history of Europe and its neighbouring regions. 
Interviews, movies, documentaries, exhibitions, trailers.


Private and public research institutes, cultural associations, museums, memorials devoted to Memory and the history of single regions or the whole Europe, divided by nation.
Addresses, links and pictures.


Original documents reproduced for reference.
Autograph sources, diaries, dedications, pictures, title pages, period articles, messages, phonograms, governmental, military and administrative clearances and orders, other archival exhibits.

Wefor is our Website dedicated to the figures of moral resistance against totalitarianism. The virtual Gardens of Europe’s Righteous and the teaching section YouFor are the core of this project realized by Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous. Through the establishment of the European Day of the Righteous by the Brussels Parliament, Wefor has received its highest recognition.