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  • Yossi Melman «Bulgaria accepts blame for 11,000 Holocaust deaths»

    A new step forward against Holocaust denial: Bulgaria admits not all its Jews were rescued.

    Article from "Haaretz", 30 March 2008
  • Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki «"Thessaloniki Mother of Israel" Exhibition »

    Series of 14 panels documenting the history of Jewish presence in Thessaloniki from its foundation in 315 b.C. until World War II. Particular attention is devoted to the cultural role acquired over centuries by the Jewish Thessaloniki, which in the Sixteenth Century earned the title of “Mother of Israel”.

    Presentation and reproduction of the panels
  • Yad Vashem «The International Institute for Holocaust Research»

    The Yad Vashem Department studying Nazism and the Holocaust. The Current Issue page features the books, surveys and articles produced by the Institute.

    The International Institute for Holocaust Research
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