Krzyzowa Foundation

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This Foundation for the mutual understanding between European peoples is inspired by the values of the Kreisau circle, a group of anti-Nazi resistants of various political stances and walks of life that had gathered around the figures of Helmuth and Freya von Moltke. At their property in Krzyzowa (formerly known as Kreisau), later nationalized by the Communist regime, it hosts a Youth Centre where students from different Countries exchange views on the past and future of Europe and a Meeting centre. 


Multimedia productions set up to present characters, stories, places, events which marked the history of Europe and its neighbouring regions. 
Interviews, movies, documentaries, exhibitions, trailers.


Original documents reproduced for reference.
Autograph sources, diaries, dedications, pictures, title pages, period articles, messages, phonograms, governmental, military and administrative clearances and orders, other archival exhibits.

Wefor is our Website dedicated to the figures of moral resistance against totalitarianism. The virtual Gardens of Europes Righteous and the teaching section YouFor are the core of this project realized by Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous. Through the establishment of the European Day of the Righteous by the Brussels Parliament, Wefor has received its highest recognition.