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Original documentsOriginal documents reproduced for reference.

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  • Diaries 2 Documents - click to view
    • Autograph Diary by Lucillo Merci "Notes from the diary written in Salonika (Greece) in the years 1942-1943 about the persecutions, the deportations, the plight of the Jews until the complete destruction of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki and Macedonia, in compliance with the German racial laws" (note on the margin of the diary, signed: "Capitain Lucillo Merci"). Download the document
    • 5 women and a child... on their runaway! 1938 - '45 The memory/testimony of Bruno Levi, a Jew from Turin who together with his family desperately searched for a wayout from the deportation ordered by the racial laws. Download the document
  • Documents 7 Documents - click to view
    • Written Declaration n. 3/2012 Written Declaration of European Parliament of May 10th 2012 that, accepting the call launched by Gariwo, establishes the European Day of the Righteous. Download the document
    • The Righteous for the Armenians. The memory is the Future Project by Pietro Kuciukian aiming at promoting an International Committee for the Righteous of Armenians, as witnesses to the tragic events of 1915 - 1923 Download the document
    • Ragip Zarakolu's precautionary defense statement at the trial over the book he had published Ragip Zarakolu's letter to the Criminal Court. The publisher was accused of infringing article 159 of the Turkish Criminal Code, and particularly of "insulting the Turkish State and the memory of Ataturk" over publishing the book of the English writer George Jerjian "The Truth Will Set Us Free". Download the document
    • Erika Kounio's registration file issued at the entrance to Auschwitz Erika Kounio, a Jew from Thessaloniki, was deported to Auschwitz with the first train from the Greek city. Thanks to her knowledge of the German language, she was employed in the "political department" and she survived Download the document
    • Documents relating to Armin T. Wegner Documents relating to Armin T. Wegner Download the document
    • Certificate issued by the Thessaloniki authorities, 10 march 1943 Document relased to Mr Samuel Amariglio, a Jew married to a Greek citizen. Thanks to his marriage to her, he survived. In the certificate: "For the time of this marriage Samuel Amariglio is relieved from the obligation which the Greek citizen with Jews origins must follow. In particular, he is not obliged to move into the Thessaloniki ghetto" Download the document
    • Call for the European Day of the Righteous The text of the call launched by Gariwo for the European Day of the Righteous. Download the document
  • Letters 7 Documents - click to view
    • Testimony of Nicolina Baruch Autograph letter by Nicolina Baruch, witness to the events concerning the rescue of Bulgarian Jews written on 16 June 1996 to Gabriele Nissim, author of the book "L'uomo che fermò Hitler" (The Man Who Stopped Hitler) devoted to Dimitar Peshev Download the document
    • Testimony by Risette Leon from Thessaloniki The letter was sent to the Gardens of the Righteous Committee - Gariwo to testify the rescue during the Holocaust and remember Yoanis Theoharis, to whom she owes her life. The letter was written on 7 June 2010. Download the document
    • Testimony by Mary Alvo from Thessaloniki The letter was sent to the Gardens of the Righteous Committee - Gariwo to testify the rescue of Mary's family during the Holocaust and remember Diamandis Diamandopoulos, to whom she owes her life. Download the document
    • Letter to a Righteous among the Nations Moshe Bejski, President of Yad Vashem's Righteous Commission, signs a message to a person who has received the prestigious recognition. Download the document
    • Letter of Jacques Asseof to his friend Dimitar Peshev On 29 January 1947, Jacques H. Asseof wrote from New York to his friend Dimitar Peshev, recalling the latter’s contribution to the "rescue of tens of thousands of Jews in Bulgaria”. Acknowledging the inestimable value of his friend’s deeds, he added: "there are things that can never be forgotten. I am sure that your humane gestures will never be forgotten (...)". Original in Bulgarian, from the private archive of the Peshev family. Download the document
    • Dimitar Peshev's letter to Prime Minister Filov English translation of the protest letter against the preparations for the deportation of the Bulgarian Jews sent to Prime Minister Mr. Filov by the Vicepresident of the Bulgarian Parliament Mr. Peshev and signed with other 42 Members of Parliament. The upheaval caused by the letter and the firm intervention of Mr. Peshev and some other deputies by Interiors Minister Mr. Gavroski in the preceding days managed to stop the death trains already prepared at the stations. Go to the web page
    • A. Wegner's letter to US President Woodrow Wilson Text of the letter written by Armin Wegner to the President of the United States Mr. Wilson and published in the German newspaper Berliner Tageblatt on 23 February 1919. Originally written in German, it has been translated into English, Italian, French, Armenian and Russian. Download the document

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