Knowing the world, rethinking Memory

4th International Meeting of GariwoNetwork

Despite the difficulties of this particular year, we have chosen to confirm the annual appointment with GariwoNetwork, which allows us to confront all the people and realities that deal with Righteous, memory and human rights in Italy and abroad. For this fourth edition, entitled Knowing the world, rethinking memory, we are moving online, on the Zoom platform.

We have decided to translate the conference in English, because we will discuss on two very important topics for us: Memory and Totalitarianism.


Wednesday 25 November from 16.00 to 18.00
Rethinking memory: the Gariwo Charter and anti-totalitarian words


Anna Foa, historian
Francesco Cataluccio
, essayist and writer
Gabriele Nissim
, president of Gariwo

Together with Anna Foa, Francesco Cataluccio and Gabriele Nissim, we will talk about memory and totalitarianisms, first of all asking ourselves what kind of memory is needed today in the face of the challenges of the present and the health emergency, but also reflecting on the need for constant information and knowledge on crimes of the past and the mass atrocities of our time.

For organizational reasons, we ask you to confirm your participation to by 20 November.

3 November 2020

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