Eichmann trial footage online

so Yad Vashem commemorates the anniversary

Yad Vashem devotes a You Tube channel to the Eichmann trial, with over 200 hours of court hearings. The Institution also presents a Websites with documentary sources and articles about the famous trial against the criminal captured in 1961 in Argentina and recommends a theatrical show on the trial symbolizing the prosecution of Nazi crimes.

Adolf Eichmann ran the death mechanism of the Treblinka lager, where the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto were annihilated. He also directed the Terezin concentration camp where prominent, often elderly Jews were interned, deceived about their fate and compelled to play the role of the model detainees skilled in the arts and highly respected by the regime. The final destination, after seizure of their whole goods, was Auschwitz.

Eichmann's behaviour, wrote philosopher Hannah Arendt, was not based on particular cruelty, but on a lack of the ability to judge events and deeds. The architect of the Holocaust, as he was called, thus embodies "the banality of evil".

The You Tube channel of the Eichmann trial
The Website devoted to the trial
Three witnesses speak 
The exhibition "Judging Eichmann"], in Paris until 28 September
Memories of the Eichmann trial, the show on stage in Jerusalem

22 April 2011

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