Trials all over the world

against persecutions

No more impunity for those who commit gross human rights violations. Based on the new law orientations and thanks to the struggles inside many Countries, more and more dictators go on the dock for their crimes.

Argentine generals Jorge Videla and Reynaldo Bignone with other army officers, after the trials for torture against the opponents are now accused for carrying out a "systematic plan" of abduction against the children of the missing people. According to Le Monde it is a historic trial which can bring justice back to more than 500 families which were divided by the villains on power in Argentina between 1976 and 1983. The total number of desaparecidos amounted to 30,000.

Before a US court based in Honolulu beginning of the investigations about the Filippino regime run by Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda. 25 years ago the opponents to the Manila dictatorship underwent torture, forced disappearings and summary executions and nowadays more than 7,000 people are claiming compensation. Although no guilt confession is provided, lawyers and victims' relatives are persuaded that the trial sends an important message against the impunity of the persecutors.

In the meanwhile the option of trying Muammar Gaddafi for crimes against humanity becomes more real after he bombed the civilians and hired mercenary to bloodily crush their rebellion. A historic UN resolution states that the dictator has to be judged by the International Criminal Court.

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7 March 2011

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