Armenian Genocide and Scandinavian Response

exhibition in Copenhagen

Armenian Genocide and Scandinavian Response is the title of the temporary exhibition opened on November 6, 2012 in the Humanitarian Research Library, a part of the Copenhagen Royal Library. The purpose of the exhibition was to remind the Scandinavian and Armenian victims of genocide and it was organized by the RA Embassy in Denmark and the Royal Library of Denmark in cooperation with the Armenian Genocide Museum and Institute.

The Danish society was very pleased with it, but the Turkish side did not approve the showing in the same way, especially the Turkish Embassy in Denmark. 
So the Turkish government demanded to open an alternative exhibition about SoCalled Armenian Genocide.
The Royal Library of Denmark allowed to prepare this showing to balance the Armenian Genocide exhibition. 

The fact underlines how these two opposing ethnic groups reckon the genocide differently, even if it is incorrect to suggest that two different views of that happened in 1915 are possible.   

8 January 2013

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