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Hevrin Khalaf 1984 - 2019

activist for the peaceful coexistence between Kurds, Syriac Christians and Arabs

Thirty-five years old, with a degree in civil engineering and General Secretary of the Syrian Future Party, Hevrin Khalaf was an activist who dedicated her life to the struggle for peaceful coexistence between Kurds, Syriac Christians and Arabs, reason why she was esteemed by all communities. She fought for women's rights in Islamic communities and she was known for her great talent for diplomacy. Those who knew her spoke of her as a sort of "foreign minister" of the Rojava.

Recently she led a tribal women's Forum. The latter, for her, were the crucial subject of a possible democratic transition to an inclusive Syria that respects minority rights and highly decentralised compared to the baathist approach. At the time of its founding, on 27 March 2018, the Party for the Future of Syria had affirmed among its principles the secular nature of the State, as well as that of a “multi-identity" Syria, the "renunciation of violence" in favor of a "peaceful struggle for the resolution of disputes", the "equality between men and women" and the respect for the resolutions of the United Nations, "in particular Resolution 2254, according to which all factions of the Syrian people should be represented in the political process, including the drafting of a new Constitution".

On 5 October 2019, Hevrin Khalaf spoke in public for the last time in Ankara, opposing Turkey's intention to occupy Kurdish lands and claiming the role played by Syrian democratic forces in the liberation of North East Syria from terrorist groups. "We reject Turkish threats, they hinder our efforts to find a solution to the Syrian crisis. During the period of Isis' dominion at the borders, Turkey did not see this as a danger to its people. But now that there is a democratic institution in North East Syria, they threaten us with occupation”.

The Guardian confirmed the murder of Hevrin, killed in cold blood on October 12, maybe by pro-Turkish militiamen on the M4 motorway, between Manbij and Qamishlo, in the areas where Ankara's troops invaded Syria.

Her death has caused numerous reactions at international level. "Hevrin Khalaf - said the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli - is the face of dialogue and empowerment of women in Syria. Her killing by Islamist terrorists, who are more active after Turkey invaded Kurdish territory, is a horror on which the international community will have to go all the way”.

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The Righteous against fundamentalism

for a cultural battle against Islamic terrorism

In front of wars, extremist terrorism and crime against humanity that cyclically history faces, our aim is to spread around the world the histories of good, humanity and solidarity that are often set apart from the public scene.

What leads the heart of some individuals to sacrifice and maybe peril in facing those who promote terror and death, is the pure love for human diversity.

The narrative beyond these righteousness against fundamentalism is an attractive force, which can dismantle any argument of those that, by the use of religion as a shield, commit the cruelest crimes against humanity.

The sole path available for defeating terrorists, is to engage ourselves in a great cultural battle which will deprive them of any form of legitimation.

We must shut out that those suiciding martyrs of terror who spread deaths, are the worst men and still remind us of the nazis.

Our deep desire is that all these histories about moral courage by these righteous arabs and muslims, must be known in Italy and Europe so that we can forge a great alliance between europeans, arabs and muslims with a common enemy.