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Exemplary figures reported by Gariwo

  • Khaled al-Asaad the keeper of Palmyra
  • Lassana Bathily the young boy from Mali who saved the Jews during the attack against the kosher supermarket
  • Mohamed Naceur (Hamadi) ben Abdesslem the guide who took into safety the Italians at the Bardo Museum
  • Salah Farah He could save him life by declaring himself a Muslim, but he preferred to protect Christians during a terrorist attack in Kenya
  • Faraaz Hussein the young man who in Dhaka sacrificed himself in order not to desert his friends
  • Hevrin Khalaf activist for the peaceful coexistence between Kurds, Syriac Christians and Arabs
  • Taslima Nasreen writer and enemy of Islamic fundamentalists
  • Sister Leonella Sgorbati Missionary in Kenya and Somalia, for thirty years she engaged in the training of professional nurses
  • Razan Zaitouneh a human rights advocate in Syria

The Righteous against fundamentalism

for a cultural battle against Islamic terrorism

In front of wars, extremist terrorism and crime against humanity that cyclically history faces, our aim is to spread around the world the histories of good, humanity and solidarity that are often set apart from the public scene.

What leads the heart of some individuals to sacrifice and maybe peril in facing those who promote terror and death, is the pure love for human diversity.

The narrative beyond these righteousness against fundamentalism is an attractive force, which can dismantle any argument of those that, by the use of religion as a shield, commit the cruelest crimes against humanity.

The sole path available for defeating terrorists, is to engage ourselves in a great cultural battle which will deprive them of any form of legitimation.

We must shut out that those suiciding martyrs of terror who spread deaths, are the worst men and still remind us of the nazis.

Our deep desire is that all these histories about moral courage by these righteous arabs and muslims, must be known in Italy and Europe so that we can forge a great alliance between europeans, arabs and muslims with a common enemy.