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People recognized as Righteous

  • Bodil Biørn the nurse who documented the Armenian Genocide
  • James Bryce the Irish statesman who documented the Armenian Genocide
  • Fayez El Ghossein his memoir is one of the first pieces of documentation and testimony about the Armenian Genocide
  • Anatole France Nobel laureate, he fought for freedom of thought and human dignity
  • Giacomo Gorrini he broke the silence in order to bear witness to the Armenian tragedy
  • Karen Jeppe a Righteous woman for the Armenians
  • Johannes Lepsius he helped the survivors to the Armenian Genocide for a lifetime
  • Henry Morgenthau the US Ambassador who helped the Armenians
  • Fridtjof Nansen he created a special passport to rescue the stateless and the genocide victims
  • Armin T. Wegner He warned the leaders of his time to stop genocide against the Armenians and the Jews
  • Franz Werfel the writer who wrote "The 40 Days of the Mussa Dagh"

Righteous for the Armenians

remembered in the Wall of Remembrance of Yerevan

Every year on 24 April, the anniversary of the outbreak of Metz Yeghérn (the "Great Evil", that is to say the genocide against the Armenian people in 1915-1916) Armenians remember their rescuers with a procession to Dzidzernagapert, the “Hill of Swallows”, where the Mausoleum in memory of the victims of extermination was erected.
Since 1996 the ashes or the grave earth of the Righteous and rescuers or witnesses who tried to stop the massacres or risked their lives to denounce the Young Turks' genocidal plan and its execution are interred in the Remembrance Wall.
Pietro Kuciukian, founder of the International Committee of the Righteous for the Armenians,has been researching the Righteous figures into the survivors' pieces of testimony, the tales of their children, the writings by the eyewitnesses, the diplomatic documents and the broad literature that accompanies the events related to this genocide. He retraces their walks of life, he revives their memory by visiting the places where they are buried, he meets with the relatives and descendants who keep family memories of great intensity and then he transports their ashes or handfuls of their burial earth on the "Hill of Swallows" of Yerevan. The stones with the names of the "RIghteous for the Armenians", gathered in the Wall of Remembrance, are the tangible sign of the gratitude of the Armenian people and take on a universal kind of exemplary value.

Tales and testimony

Metz Yeghern stories

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