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Exemplary figures reported by Gariwo

  • Taner Akcam a Turkish professor who denounced the Armenian Genocide
  • Hrant Dink journalist who promoted dialogue and reconciliation between Turks and Armenians
  • ​Mehmet Gelal Bey the vali of Aleppo who opposed the Armenian genocide
  • Hassan Amdja the Circassian officer who denounced the massacres he had witnessed during the genocide of the Armenians
  • Pietro Kuciukian fights against negationism and honors the Righteous of the Armenian genocide
  • Orhan Pamuk Nobel Prize who reported clashes and connections between different cultures
  • Beatrice Rohner she protected the Armenian children from genocide
  • Naim Sefa Bey the Turkish official who helped the Armenians during the genocide and testified to the extermination project
  • Elif Shafak writer against discriminations
  • Hammo Shero The chief of Sindjar who defended the Armenians during genocide
  • Ali Souad Bey the Turkish official who rescued numerous Armenians during the genocide
  • Ayse Nur (Sarisözen) Zarakoglu she was repeatedly jailed in Turkey for bearing witness to the truth about the Armenian genocide
  • Ragip Zarakolu a Turkish writer in defense of ethnic minorities

Figures of truth

against the denial of the Armenian Genocide

Individuals that have not received a plaque on the Mural of Memory in Yerevan, nor the recognition of the committee “Memory is the Future”, but are distinct in their opposition to arguments of denial still prevalent in Turkey. Among them are a couple of intellectuals from Turkey who have not accepted to reject their duty of recognizing the truth and because of this are persecuted and threatened in their homeland. Journalist Hrant Dink, an Armenian, paid with his life to fight for the recognition of the genocide in Turkey.