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Sister Donata Castrezzati

The Mother Superior who hid several Jews and victims of political persecution in his elder care institute

Luigi Palazzolo Institute

Luigi Palazzolo Institute

Sister Donata Castrezzati was the Mother Superior of the Poor People Nuns, who were taking care of elder people in the Luigi Palazzolo Institute in Milan. During the Nazi occupation, with the help of Sister Semplicia Vimercati and Sister Clara Flippini, she hid in the institute several Jews and victims of political persecution, saving them from deportation. In 1944, the three nuns have been arrested and jailed in the prison of San Vittore, as they were suspected to collaborate with the Resistance movement. Here, they met Sister Enrichetta Alfieri, "the angel of San Vittore", who took care of them while in detention. Liberated under the pressure of Cardinal Schuster, they have been interned in Grumello al Monte until the Liberation. 

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Tales and testimony

of Righteous people in the Holocaust

There are numerous stories of rescue of the Jews from the Nazi fury during World War Two, which are still little known or have even remained unknowwn. In this section we feature the tales and testimony sent to the Forest of the Righteous Committee or that have reached our Website from those who want to inform people about a little known or overlooked event when rescue, aid, solidarity and human kindness were expressed in the gloomy times of hatred and persecutions.
Some events still need be evalued by Yad Vashem's Righteous Commission, where the inquiry in sight of the bestowment of the title of Righteous among the nations is started.

People recognized as Righteous

Righteous among the nations

recognized by Yad Vashem