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Exemplary figures reported by Gariwo

  • Dragan Andric Bosnian activist, dedicated to hunting for justice during and after the Serb-Bosnian conflict
  • Svetlana Broz cardiologist who told the stories of rescue from the conflict in the former Yugoslavia
  • Jovan Divjak despite his Serbian origin, he has openly sided with the Bosnian, Croatian and many other Serbs in defense of Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • The "good people" of Bosnia the main characters of a book by Svetlana Broz
  • Dusko Kondor murdered for testifying about Serb crimes
  • Lazar Manojlovic the headmaster who opposed the ethnic cleansing and lost his job
  • Hasan Nuhanovic the accuser of Srebrenica

Exemplary figures

against ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslaviaì

People who opposed ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia during the war that broke out for the partition of the territory, after the collapse of the communist regime following Marshall Tito's death.
In 1992 Slovenia and Croatia became independent, the war in Bosnia broke out and Sarajevo was set under siege. It was the start of the "ethnic cleansing" carried out through systematic slaughters, the expulsion of civilians and mass rape.  
The Panel of UN experts who studied the opportunities to settle conflicts in the Balkan area defined ethnic cleansing as "the attempt to make a given area ethnically homogeneous by using force or threats to oust the people belonging to other ethnic or religious groups from it.”