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Exemplary figures in sport

Sometimes sport can save the world

Sport, like any human activity, can contribute to strengthening our character, friendship and respect for others. The competitive spirit that stimulates us to improve our body and strengthen our personality always presupposes a relationship between human beings

For this relational component, since ancient Greek times, sporting competition is an index, for better or for worse, of the level of civilization of mankind.

Sport can be used by dictatorships to convey the racist message of the superiority of a race or nation and become an ideological propaganda tool for totalitarian regimes; or it can become the expression of the moral richness of a democratic society that enhances equality in sporting contention and whose aim is always the exaltation of individual or collective performance in a spirit of friendship.

As history has taught, sometimes sport can save the world, because the behaviours of athletes, fans and even sports journalists can positively influence democratic life in our societies.

Exercising sport with an Olympic spirit helps peace, coexistence and sows good among human beings.