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Vian Dakhil 1971

Yazidi deputy against the Islamic State

Vian Dakhil

Vian Dakhil

A Member of the Iraqi Parliament, she is the only Yazidi woman to hold this post. Hon. Dakhil entered the international news headlines on 5 August 2014, when she addressed a passionate call within the Parliament in favour of the Yazidis trapped in the Mountains of Sinjar, accusing the ISIS of genocide against this people. Her speech had a wide resonance above all in the Anglosaxon world, as it was broadcast by CNN.

On 9 August of that year she warned the international community that without immediate aid the Yazidis would die massively. On 12, Vian Dakhil was wounded in an accident while travelling on a helicopter that took aid to the Yazidis of Sinjar and Mosul besieged by the Islamic State. The pilot died and she reported a broken leg, but by mistake also her death was announced.

In the same year Hon. Dakhil won the Politkovskaya award “for her courage and resolve to speak up for the Yazidi community and the other Iraqi women living under the Islamic State, despite the risks she ran in her capacity as Yazidi femane deputy opposing the Islamic State”. 

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