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Ragip Zarakolu 1948

a Turkish writer in defense of ethnic minorities

Ragip Zarakolu

Ragip Zarakolu

He was born in 1948. As a child, he lived in a multicultural environment. He then took a degree in Economics. In 1971 he was arrested by the military Regime for some articles published o the review "Ant" (Oath) and o other reviews of the opposition. During his imprisonment, he prepared some texts on the Committee of the Colonels in Greece and on torture. In 1974 he was released because of the amnesty and started working as a translator and encyclopaedist from English and German on literary and social themes.
In 1977 he founded, together with Ayse Nur Zarakolu, the publishing house "Belge" and in 1979, with 396 intellectuals, he created the newspaper "Demokrat". Because of that, the government kept a close watch on him for a month.
In 1982 he brought to life the Turkish edition of "L'état du monde" and founded the publishing house "Alan".
In 1986 he founded, together with other collaborators, the YHD (Association for the Human Rights) He was director of it periodically, with the purpose of making the public opinion know the violations of the human right I Turkey after the military stroke of the 12th September 1970.
From 1991 he takes part in conferences and meetings all over the world, in particular on the Curd question and on the Armenian genocide, in Yerevan, Bonn, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, Cairo, Malta, Marseille, Florence, Geneva, Paris and Lima. He contributed to the activities of the Association of the Opposers of the Genocide in Frankfurt.
The predominant subject of his writings is the theme of the human rights and the rights of the minorities.

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