"Genocides can be averted"

address of Gen. Dallaire for the Day of the Righteous

During the Ceremony of April, 7 in MIlan General Romeo Dallaire has been honoured with a tree in the Milan Garden of the Righteous Worldwide for trying everything possible to stop genocide in Rwanda.

Dallaire thanked us in a statement saying: "I often ask during mu speeches and presentations:'Are some humans more human than others?” The answer, of course, is “no.”This is why I continue to champion the human rightsof people in distant places, like Rwanda and elsewhere. This is why it is so important not just to remember those who have fallen victims to the dangers of hatred and murderous violence, but to act to ensure their tragedy does not befall others.

I commend and applaud the work you do to universalize the lessons of genocide in order to teach not just about tolerance but to embrace difference. Every action, no matter how small, makes a huge difference to someone. So as you work to memorialize the dead and honour the righteous, I implore you to continue raising your voices to help avert the tragedies that continue to lurk at our footsteps".

full message by Romeo Dallaire

15 April 2011

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