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22nd anniversary of the massacres of anti-Mafia judges

Commemorations all over Italy

Falcone's and Borsellino's faces painted on a wall

Falcone's and Borsellino's faces painted on a wall

On 23 May we celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the death of Giovanni Falcone, murdered with his wife Francesca Morvillo and the members of his police bodyguard in Capaci, along the motorway from the airport to the city of Palermo. The massacre was perpetrated by Cosa Nostra. In several Italian towns this recurrence is commemorated with meetings and events in memory of the victims. On 22 May the Legality Ship will sail for Palermo bringing there a lot of students. At 5.15 p.m., in Naples and Civitavecchia, opening ceremony and departure of the ships for Sicily. The events will continue on 23 May with a series of initiatives for students and the official commemoration in the top-security courtroom of the Ucciardone jail, in the presence of the Senate President Pietro Grasso, Justice Minister Andrea Orlando, the President of the anti-Mafia Commission Rosy Bindi, the President of the Court of Auditors Raffaele Squitieri, the General Commander of the Finance Guard Saverio Capolupo, National anti-Mafia prosecutor Franco Roberti, and the President of the Anti-corruption Authority Raffaele Cantone. In the afternoon of Friday, 23, two parades will move from the top-security courtroom and from via D’Amelio to then gather under the Falcone Tree in via Notarbartolo at 17.58, the time of the massacre. Demonstrations and commemorations will take place also in Reggio Calabria, Florence, Catania, Milan, and Rome.

22 May 2014

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Resistance against the Mafia

moral rebellion of civil society and role of the institutions

We may define the Mafia as a power competing with the State for the control (in delinquent terms) over the territory. The Mafia occupies the vacuum left by the State and contends for it with the State itself (also by carrying out killings, which has happened rather blatantly in the past few decades), when the State tries to fill it.An innovative approach to the analysis of the Mafioso phehomenon , which can be useful to determine the conditions for a successful opposition to it, may start from comparing the power of the coscas and the totalitarian state, as far as the forms and the results in terms of grip on society are concerned, which turns out to be absolute in both cases, in particular by sawing terror, creating the criminal élites, hitting the "dissidents", isolating people, breaking up blood relations, fostering resignation and submission, as well as crime denial.
As stopping genocide or curbing the strength of a totalitarian regime require a strong intervention both from the state level (within the apparatuses or from other states, diplomatically or by the use of force) and civil society, so to defuse the Mafia power we need the synergy between the two segments failing to engage, i.e. the state and the citizens.

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