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Israel inaugurates Open Doors - in memory of the Israeli refugees to the Philippines

Israel remembers the hospitality offered by the Philippines to the Jews in the 30es. In Tel Aviv a monument is there to remember an unknown page of the Holocaust.

"Good People in an Evil Time" - launched in Italy

Svetlana Broz presented her book "Good People in an Evil Time" in Pesaro (12th February), Florence (13th February) and Prato (14th February). On 25th March she will be in Bologna, Aula Magna, Faculty of Education Science, University of Bologna "Alma Mater Studiorum", Via Filippo Re 6. Moderator: Luigi Guerra, Principal of the Faculty of Education Science.

Officer in "The Pianist" honored by Israel - Capt. Wilm Hosenfeld is now a Righteous

Yad Vashem's authorities announced to the Associated Press that they decided to posthumously award Capitain Wilm Hosenfeld with the title of Righteous Among the Nations.

Prominent scholar criticizes Yad Vashem - Paldiel urges to honor Jewish rescuers

Mordecai Paldiel, the former President of Yad Vashem's Righteous Among the Nations Department, urged it to honor the Jewish rescuers from the pages of the Jerusalem Post.


whoever saves a life saves the entire world

In Yad Vashem's Memorial, in Jerusalem, the Garden of the Righteous remembers those who tried to rescue the Jews in the Holocaust: those who hidd them, helped them expatriate with forged documents, nourished them or gave them a job; those who, seeing them suffer, helped them somehow instead of remaining indifferent.In Yerevan's Wall of Remembrance the memorial stones remember the rescuers of Armenians during the genocide of 1915, those who tried to stop the massacre, refused to obey orders, sheltered children, reported the extermination that was occurring beneath their hopeless eyes to the world's public opinion.
In 1994 in Rwanda, some Tutsies who were hunted by the interahamwe militias were protected by neighbours, friends - some times strangers, too - belonginf to the Hutu ethnic group, who refused participating in the "man hunt" with machetes that had been planned by other Hutus to exterminate the country's Tutsi minority.
While ethnic cleansing was ravaging Bosnia leading to the murder of thousands innocent victims some people trying to escape the massacre were helped in the same way by neighbours, school mates, friends, or strangers, who were members of other ethnic groups.
Still todate, in many places in the world, there are such rescuers who risk and sometimes lose their lives in the attempt of helping the victims, and become victims themselves. Other times they lose their jobs, wellbeing, social status or they are imprisoned, tortured, cast out. At any rate, even before starting their endeavours, they know they run a serious risk, but they prefer doing so rather than bearing the weigh of remorse for remaining indifferent for the rest of their lives. Everytime by their action they "save the entire world", as stands in the Talmud.

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Enrico Ricciardi

he rescued the Jews by providing them with forged documents