"Our" Commander in Greece

the pride of Italy going to the rescue of migrants

As requested by Frontex, European agency for the coordination and patrolling of borders, the Italian Coastal Ward is keeping on rescuing migrants in the Greek seas - where it is at work with two motor patrol boat,  CP 322 and CP 292.

Just a few hours ago, not so far from the island of Samos, the crew of CP 322 took into safety 11 people, including 4 children. The patrol boat's commander is  Roberto Mangione, who on 6 March 2015 had born his witness at the Garden of the Righteous of Milan, seizing the occasion of the dedication of a tree and a stone to the women and men of the Coastal Ward who "risked their lives, each with great selflessness, from Lampedusa to all over the Italian coasts to save the castaways fleeing hunger and violence”.

The migrants rescued in Samos were on board of a small unit, which later sank. When the Italian Coastal Ward arrived, some of them had been in the water for some minutes already. The crew of the Italian Coastal Ward's motor patrol boat stepped in, enabling the rescue of all refugees. 

“Now I am in Greece to save lives in the name of Italy - Mangione wrote to us -, and I am honoured, proud and keen on serving the cause of rescue”.

Following is the video of the rescue:

4 February 2016

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