There is Always an Option to say "Yes" or "No"

International Conference

Cultural Department of the Padua City Council
Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee
Padua University
Federation Internationale des Droits de l'Homme

There is Always an Option to say 'Yes' or 'No'.
The Righteous Against the Genocides of Armenians and Jews

International Conference
30 November-1 December 2000
Padua University, Sala dei Giganti (Liviano)

Day 1, 30 November
Morning, 9:30am

Opening Address

Giovanni Marchesini Magnificent Rector of the University of Padua
Giustina Destro Mayor of Padua
Giuliano Pisani Councillor for Culture of the Padua City Council

Siobhan Nash-Marshall St. Thomas University, Minneapolis

Opening Lecture
Gabriele Nissim Historian, Milan
The Universal Value of the Concept of the Righteous as regards 20th century Genocide

Antonia Arslan University of Padua
Aspects of the Righteous in Armenian Culture


Afternoon, 3pm

Marcello Flores University of Siena

Mordechai Paldiel President of the Department of the Righteous of Yad Vashem, Israel
Les critères d'èvaluation pour l'attribution du titre de Juste par la Commission de Yad Vashem

Lucien Lazare Historian, Member of the Department of the Righteous of Yad Vashem, Israel
La bonté humaine hors-la-loi face a' la barbarie légale

Coffee Break

Raymond Kévorkian Sorbonne University
Pour une tipologie des Justes dans l'Empire Ottoman face au génocides des Arméniens

Carla Tonini University of Bologna
The Exceptional Case of Zofia Kossak. The Polish 'Antisemite' who Saved the Jews


Day 2, 1 December
Morning, 9:30am

Francesco M. Cataluccio Essayist, Milan

Laura Boella University of Milan
Indomitable Hearts. The Passion and Deeds of those who Preserve their 'Humanity in Dark Times'

Nadia Neri Psychologist, analyst
Etty Hillesum: Extreme Compassion, the Exemplary Response of a Victim in the Face of Extreme Evil

Coffee Break


Franco Perlasca
On the figure of his father Giorgio

Misha Wegner
On the figure of his father Armin Theophil

Istvàn Bibò and Judith Bibò
On the figure of their father and father-in-law Istvàn

Afternoon, 3pm

Gabriele Nissim Historian, Milan - coordinator of the Organizing Committee

Yves Ternon Historian, Paris
La vérité refusée. Ëtude comparative de la négation de la Shoah et du génocide ármenien

Susan Zuccotti Essayist
The Clergy, the Vatican, and the Rescue of Jews in German-Occupied Italy

Coffee Break

Hilmar Kaiser Istituto Universitario Europeo, Fiesole
A Righteous for the Armenians. Beatrice Rohner

Boghos Levon Zekiyan University of Venice
Reflections on the Semantic Transposition of the Concept of the Righteous in the Context of the Armenian Metz Yeghèrn

Pietro Kuciukian Essayist, member of the Union of Armenians in Italy
The Plan to Set up an International Committee for the "Righteous for the Armenians"


Cocktail in the Sala dei Giganti

Concert by Vladimir Ugorski at the Teatro Verdi

Day 3, 2 December
8:30am, Supercinema Theater, Via Emanuele Filiberto

Film Destinazione il nulla ('Destination Nowhere'): on the figure of a Righteous person for the Armenians.
Introduced by Carlo Massa

Round Table "Analogies and Differences in the Concept of the Righteous in some 20th century Genocides and in Crimes Aagainst Humanity: the Armenian Genocide, the Shoah, the Gulags, Ethnic Cleansing in the former Yugoslavia


Gianni Scalia University of Siena

With the participation of
Svetlana Broz (essayist, Sarajevo)
Victor Zaslavsky (LUISS, Rome)
Agopik Manoukian (sociologist, President of the Union of Armenians in Italy)

Closing Address
Gabriele Nissim Historian, Milan, coordinator of the Organizing Committee

30 December 2000

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