Hrant Dink's assassination

State and media responsibilities in Gokta's book

Update 27th July 2009

Judicial reporter Kemal Goktas published in Turkish "Hrant Dink Cinayeti: Medya, Yargi, Devlet". The book analyzes the responsibilities of State and media for the assassination of Hrant Dink, a Turkish journalist and intellectual of Armenian descent.

19th January 2007
In Turkey assassinated
journalist Hrant Dink
the Armenian Director of the bilingual newspaper Agos was brutally murdered by Turkish nationalists for having accused the Turks of perpetrating the Armenian Genocide in Turkey

Since 1996, as director of Agos, Bilingual Newspaper in Istanbul, Hrant Dink tried to further a dialogue between Armenians an Turkish people. October 2004 he was processed and condemned for six months, but he never abandoned Istanbul: “If I leave Istanbul, I leave alone a lot of people fighting for the democracy. I never will do”.
First Minister Erdogan condemn the assassination: “an attack against all of us, against our brotherhood, against our peace, against our freedom and against our democracy”.
Two thousand people in Istanbul were protesting against Hrant Dink’s assassination: “We are all Armenians, we are all Hrant Dink”. “You are our brother” they wrote in Armenian, English and Turkish languages.

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