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For a Charter of Responsibilities

Education and love against hatred

Editorial by Hamadi ben Abdesslem

The day of the attack during the Bardo Museum, 18 March 2015, has changed my life. Fate wanted me to face terrorism by saving the 45 Italians of the group I was leading. I will never forget about the anguish I experienced during the attack and while we were getting out of the Museum.

How to fight terrorism and fundamentalism

Editorial by Hafez Haidar

It is up to the entire world and the moderate Muslims to react with resolve against terrorists, to bring to an end to this dark page of the history of humanity, unconditionally. 

Genocide prevention

Editorial by Marcello Flores

​ The Righteous memory and the Memory of the Righteous

Editorial by Gérard Malkassian; Philosophy teacher in Paris

Israeli and Jewish perspectives on genocide prevention

Editorial by Yair Auron, historian and professor at the Open University of Israel

For a Charter of Responsibilities

The Crisis of Europe and the Righteous of Our Time

In the face of the institutional, moral and cultural crisis that is spreading all over Europe, Gariwo set out the premises of a Charter of Responsibilities about some moral issues of our times. Starting point of this path, the meetings "The Crisis of Europe and the Righteous of Our Time", organized together with Theatre Franco Parenti of Milan, with the patronage of Università degli Studi di Milano and Fondazione Corriere della Sera, for the creation of a public discussion on the theme of personal responsibility facing the challenges of the new millennium.

Our idea is to open a discussion on the key topics involving our society, which shall not end up with a definitive synthesis and an absolute truth, but shall be extended to our audience. We are not aiming at drawing up a political platform, but at indicating a cultural horizon able to stimulate a common commitment within a plurality of cultures.

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