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For a Charter of Responsibilities

If History repeats itself by Konstanty Gebert

"The resurfacing of nationalism comes at a price. It may cost us our stability and peace". The remarks by Konstanty Gebert, brilliant pen of Polish journalism and Solidarity exponent, at the third meeting of the series “The crisis of Europe and the Righteous of our time".

Emotion Europe

"We can no more afford a romantic vision of Europe, the one of the Manifesto of Ventotene, but we shall rethink and rebuild the Union". The remarks by journalist Ferruccio de Bortoli at the meeting The crisis of Europe.

Europe is necessary, but this does not mean it is possible, as well

"Now there are no alternatives to political unity. Europe is thus necessary, but this does not mean it is also possible". Philosopher Massimo Cacciari's remarks at the meeting "The crisis of Europe" organized by Gariwo in cooperation with Franco Parenti Theatre.

The new European jihadists

The remarks by Olivier Roy, political scientist, at the meeting "The cultural battle against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism", second of the series "The crisis of Europe and the Righteous of our tiime" held by Gariwo in cooperation with Teatro Franco Parenti. 

A self-repeating scheme

The war between Iraq and Iran, the current context in Iraq and Syria, are here to prove that some passages of these past 38 years have somehow created a situation in which we have not been accomplices, but rather proper key actors of the scene.

The cultural challenge to terror in Europe

We launched the movement of the Righteous Muslims who dare fight against terrorism and murderous fundamentalism. We have called all Muslims to take a personal stance. This is why we invited as a great testimonial Mr. Hamadi ben Abdesslem...

For a Charter of Responsibilities

The Crisis of Europe and the Righteous of Our Time

In the face of the institutional, moral and cultural crisis that is spreading all over Europe, Gariwo set out the premises of a Charter of Responsibilities about some moral issues of our times. Starting point of this path, the meetings "The Crisis of Europe and the Righteous of Our Time", organized together with Theatre Franco Parenti of Milan, with the patronage of Università degli Studi di Milano and Fondazione Corriere della Sera, for the creation of a public discussion on the theme of personal responsibility facing the challenges of the new millennium.

Our idea is to open a discussion on the key topics involving our society, which shall not end up with a definitive synthesis and an absolute truth, but shall be extended to our audience. We are not aiming at drawing up a political platform, but at indicating a cultural horizon able to stimulate a common commitment within a plurality of cultures.

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