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6 marzo, Giornata europea dei Giusti

European Day of the Righteous

On 10 May 2012 the European Parliament approved with 388 signatures Gariwo proposal of establishing a European Day dedicated to the Righteous in all genocide cases. On 7 December 2017 Italy became the first country to officially join the marking of that recurrence, with the law that establishes also at the national level a Day in memory of the Righteous of the humanity.
Every year, on 6 March, we celebrate the example of the Righteous to spread everywhere the values of responsibility, tolerance and solidarity.

The Righteous to be honoured this year at the Garden of Milan

For 2018 we have chosen as theme for our ceremony on Monte Stella hill “The Righteous of hospitality. Beyond boundaries to pull down the walls”. The figures chosen are Ho Feng Shan, Hammo Shero, Costantino Baratta and Daphne Vloumidi.
Would you like to honour them as well?

How is EU Day of the Righteous marked?

It is marked through commemorations throughout Europe, in the Gardens of the Righteous, at schools, with the institutions, and the local associations.

How can I join the celebrations?

You can organize an event in your town, your school, or make such a gesture as "adopting a Righteous", visiting a Garden, laying a flower, leaving a dedication.

How do I find the material?
Download our kit from this link and share it with everybody!

Waiting for 6 March

The Righteous’ trees are now monumental trees

The trees of the Gardens of the Righteous are monumental trees. This is stated in the Resolution no. 23 of the Ministry of the Environment and the protection of the territory and the sea's Committee for the development of public green, signed on 6 March 2018.

Day of the Righteous in Milan

“The stories of the Righteous – i.e. of brave women and men, who have run huge personal risks to save human lives from the persecution at the hands of bloody regimes, oppressive apparatuses, totalitarian ideologies – are a living memory, and will keep on being lofty civil and human examples, which we all shall draw inspiration from." said Italy's President Sergio Mattarella in his message to Gariwo. It is precisely with this spirit that, also this year, Gariwo cooperated with the Milanese institutions, associations and schools to mark the Day of the Righteous with several different events.

Parchments Awarded to 16 New Righteous

The Virtual Garden “Giusti del Monte Stella” (Righteous of Monte Stella Hill), created in 2017 to mark the 6 March recurrence, keeps on growing hosting new figures, messengers of Good who today and yesterday acted to defend the other and human dignity. Let us introduce you to 16 new Righteous.

The Righteous Of Hospitality at Monte Stella

This year the honoured Righteous have been Costantino Baratta, Daphne Vloumidi, Ho Feng Shan and Hammo Shero. Theirs are tales of people who have not turned a blind eye, but instead have acted, setting into motion their own gifts and abilities, trying to save lives. The ceremony recounted.

I saw again my son in each of them

"Our greatest wish would be to get to Sweden one day to go and see them. Our fiercest regret is instead not to have gone out earlier that morning, as we usually did, at about 6, not 7. We would have saved twice as many…"

What can you do? Help, in any possible way and at any price.

I will tell you the truth. What gave me the strength not to stop helping were not my faith or my dream of a better world, but the real daily needs of all the thousands of people who arrived every day on our island, not on holiday but to seek rescue from the death that was threatening them at their door front.

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