New Politkovskaya trial

hearings will start on 5th August

Update 24th July
The Novaya Gazeta newspaper for which Anna Politkovskaya worked announced that the new trial over the journalist's murder will start on 5th August at the Moscow military court.

update 26th June
Politkovskaya trial quashed
the case returned to the Moscow Military District Tribunal

27th February
No offender in the Moscow trial
the presumed guilty of Anna Politkovskaja's murder are acquitted

Everybody is innocent according to the jury: the "troublesome" journalist wasn't killed either by the former police officer accused of being the instigator or by the two men who tailed her, or by the intelligence agent involved in the murder.
The trial had already been disputed by the son of the bold journalist's and by the people's jury, who had denounced the tribunal's decision to hold the hearings behind closed doors.

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