Opening ceremony at the Garden of the Righteous in Duino at the UWCAdriatic

Conference and ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Garden dedicated to the memory of Giulio Regeni

Two years after the creation of the Garden pf the Righteous at the UWCAdriatic in Duino, on April 5 the opening ceremony was officially held. 

The celebrations were divided in two different moments: the conference about the sense of the Garden of the Righteous and the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Garden, dedicated tot he memory of Giulio Regeni. 

At the conference participated many students of the College, who have been actively involved in the process of choosing the Righteous. The conference started with the institutional greetings by Rettore William Turner and the Mayor of Duino-Aurisina Daniela Pallotta, it continued with a musical performance by the students Momoko and Doro, who played on the violin and the accordion respectively Freedom composed by Dorian Dionisi. Many students attended the conference and 3 of them (Maxine, Mahmoud, David) red a speech written by all the students involved in the project; they explained their interpretation of the garden of the Righteous and the impact on their own education and training. After that Gabriele Nissim, President of Gariwo focused on the educational and self-training power of the Garden of the Righteous. The debate ended with a Q&A session between President Nissim and the students. Finally, Claudio and Paola Regeni and Dorian Zuppet, Mayor of the Young people in Fiumicello, honored the memory of Giulio Regeni and his passion and fight for the truth and justice.

The second part of the celebrations continued at the Garden with the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the planting of a yellow ceramic flower simbolizing Giulio Regeni. The celebrations ended with a moment of reflection honoring the following new Righteous:

Stanislav Petrov, Johannes Lepsius, Bertha von Suttner, Anna Politkovskaja, Harald Edelstam, Vanda Skuratovich, Carl Lutz, Merek Edelman.

5 April 2022

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