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In Holland, to the doctors involved in the fight against Covid

the initiative of some associations

In times of need you get to find out who your heroes are.
During the coronacrisis in 2020 a lot of people fell ill and there were a lot of casualities.
Caretakers have taken care of those patients and therewith put their own health and even their own lives at stake.
The did the work of heroes and saved many lives.
This tree is dedicated as a thank you to them.

These are the words you read on the plaques at the foot of three trees planted next to three Dutch hospitals in Woerden, Utrecht and Nieuwegein. The initiative started with Johann Grunbauer and Cor Faber of the SGTRS Association, together with the St Antonius hospital. 

The tree in Woerden was planted on April 28, the other two on May 6. 

The gesture was designed as a tribute to the commitment that doctors and nurses dedicated to Covid patients during the health emergency. It was not important for them to risk their lives or health, but rather to be close to those who suffered.

11 May 2020

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